Sunday, May 17, 2015

Be Home When the Lights Come On! Preventing Nature Deficit Disorder, Increasing Children's Roaming Map

Do you remember playing outside after dinner?  Neighbourhood children of all ages would flock to the end of the street for the game of the day – Hide n Seek, Red Rover, Kick the Can.  The actual game didn’t really matter.  Kids were just thrilled to be outside - no homework, no chores and no worries.  Our street hero was the kid who figured out that one hard hit to a specific spot on the light pole knocked out the light.  This enabled us to be a few minutes late home, innocently claiming that the light didn’t come on.  How could we possibly know that it was time to return?

Not long ago being a kid meant having a license to roam.  Children had the chance to venture out on their own and explore and discover their neighbourhoods.  My goodness, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were allowed to float down the Mississippi River on a raft!  By themselves!!!! Now that I think about it, Huck and Tom did get in to a fair bit of trouble on their own, didn’t they?

Camping With Kids
Slip n Slide your worries away!
Recent studies have shown that over the last four generations the distance children are allowed to roam has dramatically decreased.  Terms like "Nature-Deficit Disorder" have been used to describe the emerging challenges of not exposing children enough to the natural world and letting them roam and play. This “roaming map” highlights the area Great Grandpa played in comparison to the area his great grandson currently roams in.  Unquestionably times have changed. Today’s family is busy juggling work, school and extracurricular schedules.  As a result could our children be losing access to nature and the outdoors?

Camping With Kids
Decreased roaming area over 4 generations
It is interesting and encouraging to see that although kids aren’t “roaming” as they did in the past, the popularity of camping is growing dramatically.  Did you realize there were over 2 million visits to BC Campgrounds in 2012?

When you have a moment, pull up your lawn chair and watch the action in a campground.  Do you notice the children are roaming, discovering, forging new friendships and exploring?  Of course, parents and grandparents are supervising and have a keen eye and ear on the little ones, but it appears that the roaming distance for the kids is greater than what they would experience back at home. 

Camping With Kids
Springs RV Resort youngest community members give a cheer!
Springs RV Resort is a place where families relax, unwind and toss away their schedules.  Could our campgrounds and RV Resorts be the “safe haven”?  A place where kids of all ages can play a game and be home when the lights come on?  

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Circle the Wagons

On a recent visit to the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, I was struck by the strong sense of community that was clearly evident as I strolled the grounds.  I have always been fascinated by tales from the early “wild west” and as I chatted with some of the folk at the Resort I found myself daydreaming of days gone by.  Remember the stories of the early pioneers circling the wagons at the end of the day and gathering around the fire?  The circle was a united front against the outside world.  Inside the circle – friends, family, community.  Outside the circle – wild animals, strangers and the unknown.  While there aren’t any wild animals roaming the grounds at Springs RV Resort, it is certainly a place where you can leave your big city worries behind and enjoy an evening by the pool.

Springs RV Resort
The Wagon Train of yesteryear

Statistics Canada recently released a report (link below) that found people in Vancouver and Toronto are the least satisfied with their lives compared to respondents from other major Metropolitan areas.  Now, without a doubt, we get a lot of rain, and those long, dreary winter days can sometimes take a toll on one’s positivity index, but to be less happy than people in other Canadian cities?  How can that be true?

The study suggested that social factors play a big part in happiness.  Life that matters most to people is local, reflecting the quality of social connections in their neighbourhoods and workplaces.  We know that people who are engaged and involved with a strong sense of belonging to a community are happier. Spending time with family helps too.

Why are the popularity of resort communities like the Springs RV growing?  Could we be simply looking for a place to belong? A place to kick-back? A place to share a laugh with a neighbour?

Maybe now is an especially good time to spend with family and friends, to circle the wagons, to enjoy the happiness that being part of a community brings.  

Circle's dinner time!

Link to Article:

People in Vancouver and Toronto least satisfied with their lives:  StatsCan

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Monday, May 4, 2015

RV Resorts - the new Cottage Country? Affordable Family Vacations

Growing up in Ontario, I fondly remember the Friday exodus to Cottage Country.  The entire family would wait with bated breath for the work week to finish knowing that their little piece of paradise awaited.  With station wagons (now I have really dated myself) packed to the brim, families left the hustle and bustle of the City behind and drove to Lake Country. 

Are RV Resorts the new cottage country?  Affordable family vacations are possible

Summers were even more idyllic.  Mom and the kids spent the entire vacation at the cottage, while Dad would often commute to work.  Long hours spent swimming, exploring, and sharing time together.

If the cabin on the lake is no longer affordable, you can try RV Resorts for affordable family vacations

Today with escalating property prices and the demands of work life balance, it feels like owning recreational property and affordable family vacations are simply out of reach.   Add to that the thought of maintaining a cottage.  Will the weekend getaway quickly turn in to a weekend of hard labour?

There must be an affordable alternative!  Thankfully, a trend is emerging that appears to be keeping the dream alive.  

Baby – boomers still want a place to recreate and to gather family and friends.  They are demanding quality, comfort and service.  At the same time, the younger generation are looking for close to home weekend get-a-ways and mini-vacations.  These emerging trends have led to the growth of RV Resorts, allowing guests to purchase the RV lot and enjoy a permanent site set up. With decks, outdoor kitchens and gazebos, the RV experience feels more and more like a summer cottage. 

RV lot ownership as the new cottage
Private deck space - a perfect place to gather family and friends

Maybe it’s time for you and your family to rethink the cottage.  Maybe RV Resort ownership is for you.

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