Monday, June 29, 2015

Sasquatch Sighting - Harrison Hot Springs, BC

Wild Man!  Sasquatch derives its name from a Sts’ailes word which loosely translates to Wild Man or Hairy Man, a primary caretaker who watches over the land.  Tales of this large, hairy creature are abundant in the Pacific North West and stir the imaginations of children and adults alike.

 Sasquatch is important both culturally and spiritually to the Sts’ailes people and their experiences with Sasquatch go back thousands of years.  Sasq’ets is believed to have the ability to move between the physical and spiritual realms.  A sighting is to be considered a gift, a very rare and fortunate event.

Harrison Hot Spring’s very own John Green, a Canadian researcher, has been searching for Sasquatch, also known as Big Foot, since 1957 and has investigated hundreds if not thousands of sightings. Big Foot is usually described as a large, hairy bipedal humanoid.  Descriptions of Sasquatch are varied in both height and colour.  Some claim to have seen a creature as big as fourteen feet tall!

Here in Harrison Hot Springs, we both embrace and celebrate this elusive creature during Sasquatch Days, a family oriented, two day celebration.  This community gathering is hosted by the Sts’ailes First Nation and the Village of Harrison Hot Springs.  Since it first began in 1938 it has grown to become a yearly event featuring entertainment, salmon BBQ’s, boat tours, arts & crafts exhibitions and informative talks on the Sasquatch from the Sts’ailes experts.

Scientists may discount the existence of Big Foot, but we are sure Sasquatch exists…well, at least the mystery and the intrigue is real, and of course when you visit the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, Big Foot will greet you.  What more proof do you need?

A word to the wise:  Should you wish to venture into Sasquatch Country in search of this elusive being, be sure to become familiar with these guidelines, courtesy of Tourism Harrison…..and remember to take your camera!

Warning:  You are entering Sasquatch Country

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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Little Free Library in Harrison Hot Springs

Have you heard of Little Free Libraries?  You will notice them popping up in communities everywhere.  The concept is simple – take a book – return a book.  Often the simplest ideas are the best and Little Free Libraries embody the spirit of community, sharing and a love of literature.

Little Free Library - Harrison Hot Springs
Unique and Quirky Designs

The Little Free Libraries are quite charming – their designs are all unique and often quirky, many resembling bird houses.  You will stumble upon these Little Libraries at beaches, in front of private homes, at bus stops, store fronts, on bike paths and trails in neighbourhoods everywhere from the United State to Ghana and Afghanistan.  They are a unique and creative blend of literacy promotion and community engagement.

Little Free Library - Harrison Hot Springs
Library with a view - Qualicum Beach

 Obviously reading is popular throughout the year, but there is something special about finding that perfect summer book while vacationing.  When I say “summer book”, I mean that low-brow, lightweight page turning novel you have wanted to read all year!  For many of us there is a kind of self-indulgent pleasure in leaving those deep, serious books for our winter reading lists and allowing time to indulge in that “trashy” summer novel.  In this digital age, there is still great pleasure to be found on your lawn chair by the pool with a really good book….enjoy your read.

Little Free Library - Harrison Hot Springs
Little Free Library on the Centennial Trail
Should you be in search of for your next great read, be sure to visit the Springs RV Resort library in the clubhouse.  We invite you to “take a book – return a book.”

Little Free Library - Harrison Hot Springs
Springs RV Resort - Library in new Club House

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Monday, June 15, 2015

It's a Celebration

Since the beginning of time, man has celebrated!  

The summer solstice, weddings, religious holidays, Festivals, Graduations, Birthdays, Halloween, New Year’s Eve, Ground Hog Day, a new job, retirements, a hole in one…..the list is diverse!  When you think about it, as a species we spend a considerable amount of time celebrating! We sing, we dance, we laugh and we play.  But, why do we celebrate?  Why do we want to come together as a group, and what makes a great celebration?

Is it -?

  • Family?
  • Friends?
  • Balloons?
  • Magic?
  • Music?
  • Ribbons & Bows?
  • Location?
  • Weather?
  • Eats and Treats?
At the Springs RV Resort, we recently celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Club House and development of our Phase II RV lots.

Luxury RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, BC
Our new Pool, Hot Tub and Club House are open!
It was a magnificent day.  The weather was perfect, the facilities were immaculate and the atmosphere was festive.

Family Vacations in BC

The day was full of smiles and laughter as we enjoyed the official ribbon cutting, Golf Cart demos, RV Show Suite tours, a Magic show and the sounds of Todd Richard and the TR Band.

Affordable Family Vacations in British Columbia
Young and Old are captivated by the magic of Rod Boss.

Affordable Family Vacations in British Columbia
Todd Richard and the TR Band get the dance party started.

RV Campsites in Harrison Hot Springs
It's your break

Family Camping in Harrison Hot Springs

 The folks at Springs RV Resort really do know how to host a celebration.

RV Lifestyle in Harrison Hot Springs

But when all is said and done, it can be argued that it isn’t about the food, drinks or entertainment.  Celebrations remind us that we are part of a larger community.  When you think about it, maybe it is simply knowing that your friends will be there with you.  Now – that IS something to celebrate!

Affordable Family Vacations in Harrison Hot Springs

(“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.”  William Butler Yeats)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs

Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot SpringsICE CREAM - my favourite food group!  There is always a time and a place for ice cream. However, nothing is better than that special flavour on a hot summer day.

No matter who you talk to, ice cream invokes memories - usually warm, fuzzy ones.  As a child, I fondly remember driving in the car with my family when suddenly the car would take on a mind of its own.  We would scream with joy as Dad valiantly fought for control of the vehicle. He would dramatically gasp, groan and holler, "I can't control it much longer!"  No matter how bravely he fought, the car would turn in to our local Dairy Queen and we would stop in for a round of cones.  As a young child I was convinced we had the best car ever!  To this day, I smile as my car will sometimes take over and turn in to the local ice cream store.  (FYI - This isn't a factory install feature - be sure to ask your auto dealer for the ice cream app next time you are in the market for a new vehicle!)

Ice Cream stories are abundant and I am sure you have one of your own.  From sport team celebrations to birthday parties, ice cream says it best!

Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

In 2013, my partner and I were cycling through Louisiana on our way to New Orleans.  We were taking the back roads and doing our best to meet as many locals as we possibly could.  We were deep in the heart of Cajun country, in a little town that had clearly seen more prosperous days when we encountered a gentleman named Carroll.

We were completely and utterly lost! We had come to a complete stop and were reviewing our maps. Carroll saw us looking dazed and confused and figured since his grand-daddy, his daddy and he himself were born and bred in the area, he might be able to help.  He was true, blue Cajun!  When he started school he could not speak English and was put in a separate class.  He shared wonderful stories of life on the bayou and had us in hysterics.  We visited for quite a long while and learned that when growing up, Carroll and his family were so poor he had never had ice cream.  However, with a bright smile and a wink he told us that he knew a guy who had seen a guy eat ice cream!

Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs
Follow the signs to the Best Ice Cream in Harrison Hot Springs
As we bid farewell, Carroll was happy to inform us that his lot in life had improved from those early days on the Bayou and he now could afford as much ice cream as he wanted - CHOCOLATE - of course!

When visiting the Springs RV Resort in Harrison Hot Springs, be sure to visit the local ice cream stores.  We guarantee they will not disappoint!

Thanks to our friends at Tourism Harrison for this list of Ice Cream Stores just a short walk from us!

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Monday, June 1, 2015

What's Your ING?

Years ago my husband and I were hiking the iconic West Coast Trail located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  (A magnificent hike should you ever get the opportunity)  The hike is challenging!  Over 75 km long, it can take five to seven days to complete.  About four days into our trip we came across two hikers from Saskatchewan.  We stopped to chat and shared a wonderful pot of coffee together as we sat and enjoyed a break.  Our conversation quickly turned to British Columbia and I will never forget their comments.  They asked if there were “activity police” on patrol in our province.  We didn’t understand their question and asked them to clarify.  Before beginning their hike they spent a few days exploring the Lower Mainland and were amazed at the many recreational opportunities available at our doorstep.  They were also impressed how British Columbians took full advantage of these opportunities.

Series of ladders assist hikers along the West Coast Trail

Over the years, I have often reflected on their comments and since meeting them I have tried to find an ING to enjoy each day.  What’s an ING you ask?  Well ING adds action and according to our Saskatchewan friends British Columbians like to ING!  

You really can not find a better location to explore your ING than The Springs RV Resort.  Located in Harrison Hot Springs the area offers endless ING opportunities – the biggest decision while enjoying your vacation time at the Springs RV Resort is to choose your ING:

Several exceptional golf courses are within a short drive of The Springs RV Resort
  • Golfing
  • Biking
  • Reading
  • Swimming
Enjoy the new heated pool and over-sized hot tub at the Springs RV Resort

  • Hiking
  • Soaking
  • Dining
  • Grilling
Grilling - a summer time favourite!
  • Relaxing
  • Rejuvenating
  • Resting
  • Dancing
  • Socialising
  • Birding
  • .......and more!

The Games Room at the Springs RV Resort features Pool, Darts, Ping Pong and Foosball.

Tourism Harrison has a terrific website, providing detailed information on the area INGS!  Take a moment to explore the site and create your action list.

...and if that is not enough, check out this great list of activities in the area from our friends at Fun Lists

Of course, after all those INGS, you may need to explore one of my personal favourites – NAPPING!